Wednesday, October 20th 2021


MASTERCLASS 1: The new way to network 

  • The dos and don’ts of online networking, highlighting the differences from face-to-face? 

  • Where are you meeting your peers? 

  • How are you reaching out to them?  

  • Developing the online confidence and swagger you need to keep your networking growing 



MASTERCLASS 2: Top 5 strategies to becoming a better male ally in the workplace 

  • What make a great ally? 

  • Why should you step up? (Highlighting the links to profitability and it’s the right thing to do) 

  • How to ask, listen, show up and speak up as an ally 

  • Outlining the strategies to help you become a better ally in the workplace and beyond



MASTERCLASS 3: Conflict resolution in a virtual world  

  • Discussing behaviours and their importance 

  • Hiding behind the camera and emails – how to avoid withdrawals from interaction  

  • Managing defensiveness, messages that “got lost in translation” and “sharp” responses  

  • Losing the will to challenge – understanding the importance of this skill for current and future talent  

  • Tolerance: discussing how far this has been pushed and what the limits are  



MASTECLASS 4: Speak up, let your voice be heard 

  • The when, what and how of speaking up 

  • The importance of reading the room and knowing who you are talking to 

  • How do you communicate effectively and with impact in all meetings? 

  • You’ve spoken, what do you do next? 

  • Listen, practise and adapt