Discussing the Direction of Digital

LIVE WEBINAR | 22ND JUNE 2022 | 11:00 (GMT)

Technology decision makers have one of the hardest jobs in the world today. They are under immense pressure to constantly prove ROI on their investments to the rest of the C-suite, formulate a clear and realistic digital transformation (DX) strategy and communicate the goals of DX to the rest of their organisation, all at a time when DX is occurring at an unheard-of rate.  

And some are struggling to achieve all of this simultaneously, according to Dae.mn’s Digital Direction survey of business and IT decision makers:  

  • 97% of IT decision makers agree that they could have a better idea of what they are trying to solve when undergoing a DX initiatives 
  • Of the respondents that believe they have fully implemented their digital transformation strategy (35%), only 20% are decision makers outside the IT Department and 80% are IT decision makers. 
  • The majority (58%) of all respondents say that their organisation is only in the very early stages of implementing their digital transformation strategy or has only partially implemented it. 


In this webinar, Dae.mn’s Co-Founder and Director, Calum Fitzgerald, will be joined by a panel of seasoned experts to discuss:  

  • How to identify suitable areas for DX and how to formulate a realistic, effective, and profitable DX strategy 
  • The business impact of accelerating digital transformation  
  • The best ways to communicate the success of digital transformation projects to the entire organisation. 



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