Information Age are delighted to welcome you to the Responsible Technology Series 2021. We will bring together tech leaders across industries for a two-part event, designed to create a more positively impactful future through collaboration, and share practical advice on integrating responsible technology practices.


Digital Ethics – 30th September

Our tech experts will explore ethics within digital practices, unpack what’s what in the provision of information, and set alight the debate on privacy. They will also discuss the collaboration between big tech and consumers in establishing appropriate online conduct.


Sustainability – 14th October

We reunite to focus on how businesses can adopt a sustainable business model, the complex relationship between technology and our environment, and assess the role of innovation in protecting the planet.


Attend the Responsible Technology Series to:

  • Gain practical guidance on integrating responsible practices, adopting a responsible strategic mindset, and measuring your responsible impact.
  • Learn from our exceptional responsible technology experts.
  • Access leading research & insights on specific environmental & social issues.
  • Network & community-build internationally, bridging gaps in the tech industry.


Join us for a truly informative and interactive experience and start to turn your responsible technology conversations, into changemaking action.

We look forward to welcoming you.