30th September: Digital Ethics

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Digital Ethics

2:00pm: Welcome Remarks

Jenna Kelly, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill plc​

Rebecca Rae-Evans, Co-Founder,  Tech for Good Live 


2:05pm:  Keynote: The Data Breach vs The Ethics Breach: Preparing for Both

In today’s age of 72-hour breach reporting and the 24/7 news cycle, data breaches seem like a daily headline. While consumers may no longer be shocked by their data being lost or stolen, the way in which an incident occurs can impact the level of reputational damage following an breach. Stakeholders are understanding the difference between a data breach that may occur from a security flaw and an “ethics breach,” where a company was careless with personal information or sought to capitalize on the improper use of data. In this session, we’ll review case studies from recent breaches and analyze which situations qualify as an “ethics breach.” We’ll also handout an incident and breach toolkit, including tips to avoid the catastrophe of an ethics breach violation in your company.

Joseph Byrne, CIPP/E, CIPM, CIPT, Privacy Solutions Engineer, OneTrust​

2:20pm:  Conversation: 2021’s Artificial Intelligence Challenges​

Bias is one of the more wider discussed challenges with the heavy use of AI in our businesses and society. However, computing abilities, scarcity of data, bad data, and trust are amongst the many other hurdles we are set to face as we rely on AI and automation in growing intensity. We set out the tumultuous path you might find yourself on with AI, and help you prepare for all scenarios.​

Toju Duke, Manager, Women in AI Ireland

Jonathan Kewley, Partner & Co-Head, Tech Group, Clifford Chance 

2:50pm:  Closing Panel:  The Future of Online Content Moderation​

Every business, nation, charity, leader, institution and individual shares content online; whether creating new content, or sharing that which already exists. This content creation can be positively impactful, but can also lead to gross misinformation about issues as large as global healthcare & safety. What role does every player have in eradicating harmful consequences of online content use? To what extent can – and should – it be moderated…and by whom?​

Nicholas Ismail, Managing Content Editor, InformationAge​

Alice Thwaite, Founder, Hattusia & The Echo Chamber Club ​

Abhishek Suryawanshi, Director, Wikipedia (SWASTHA)​

Dex Hunter-Torricke, Head of Communications, Facebook Oversight Board​

Juliet N. Nanfuka, Research & Comms, Collaboration on International ICT Policy, East & Southern Africa


3:30pm:  Closing Remarks


14th October: Responsible Technology Series: Sustainability

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2:00pm: Welcome Remarks

Jenna Kelly, Senior Conference Producer, Bonhill plc​

Chuck Nice, Stand-Up Comedian & Climate Activist 


2:10pm  Keynote: ​We Can Own the Climate Transition​

The climate situation is dire and there’s no getting around that fact. But there’s a path forward that engages us as individuals, tech businesses and communities and will absolutely deliver the impact we need at scale and in time to avert the worst case scenario. Let’s talk about what’s really possible and hopeful in this moment.​

Aina Abiodun, Co-Founder, Salt


2:25pm  Closing Panel:  COP26 & The Path to 2030​

In just over a month, we’ll see world leaders and climate experts flock to the UK to discuss the latest in environmental policy, and collaborate in tackling climate change at COP26. Join us to explore what the next decade holds for this work, and the vital role that tech will play.

Tanya Woods, Chief Impact Officer, Project K(IN)D (Moderator)

Sally Eaves, Senior Policy Advisor, Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research 

Arnav Joshi, Senior Associate, TMT Clifford Chance 

Marleen Oberheide, CIPP/E, ESG Solutions Engineer, OneTrust 

Neil Yeoh, Founder & CEO, OnePointFive


3:15pm  Closing Remarks