Aligning for Inclusion: Creating an equitable culture and building stakeholder trust

DiversityQ  is delighted to present the Women in Asset Management Summit, Asia.

Emerging data has shone a light on gender diversity in senior management having a positive impact on financial performance, but institutionalised problems, such as limited career advancement options and entrenched attitudes, continue to hamper female representation in top positions in Asia Pacific.

Only 39.6% of women believe that the promotion and advancement of women into senior roles are priorities in their organisation in practice, while 57% of men believe so, highlighting a gap between “saying” and “doing”.

The Women in Asset Management Asia Event will include a series OnDemand roundtable sessions with industry leaders for an action-packed agenda touching on the most pressing issues such as:

  • Asset Managers embracing economic growth with the surge in appetite for ESG products and investment strategies 
  • Overcoming the challenges of ‘Greenflation’ and consequences for the APAC region 
  • Propelling women up the career ladder with best practises in recruiting, compensation and retention
  • Striving for leaders to build a more inclusive industry 


We invite you to join our series of roundtable between 27th & 30th June, 2022 for a candid conversation to bring an honest review of the current APAC asset and investment management landscape, with deeper insights, recommendations and actionable tips to drive the diversity, equity and inclusion in the region.

We look forward to seeing you there!