Mona Naqvi

S&P Dow Jones Indices
Next Generation Leader of the Year

This category was one of the most competitive categories this year. Our winning candidate left our judges in ore and asking “what can’t she do?”. This individual is a changemaker of the finance sector. She has accomplished so much that it is difficult to keep the suspense without mentioning some of her fantastic achievements. Not only has she published over 20 research articles; participated in multiple public appearances; run a public office at the age of 18; but she has also raised over $1 million to advance climate action. Alongside this, to improve gender equality specifically, she has also played a major role in her organisation’s campaigns, promoting the economic benefits of female participation in the workforce. She has used her platform, not just with a desire to raise assets, but to challenge the status quo and raise sustainability standards. So many achievements and she is only just getting started – watch out finance world.