Elizabeth Koehler

Woman of the Year

The woman of the year category has been hotly contested in this year’s nominations. However, one woman has been applauded for a host of powerful reasons which have made her the deserving winner in our judges’ eyes. 2021’s Woman of the Year is both a fierce, strong, driven leader, and an authentic, empathetic collaborator. Her ability to create safe spaces for open conversations has been a shining light this past year, motivating her team, and giving herself the capacity to truly seek the best in others. On top of her day-to-day, she is a mentor, a sponsor for young Latinx & Black leaders, a creator of networks for women to build connection and wellbeing during the pandemic, and an advocate that many women around her aspire to. She is vehemently working towards a diverse and equitable financial services industry, by platforming others’ voices ahead of her own. As it was beautifully worded in her nomination, “Her deep care for others fosters a drive in her employees to work tirelessly for her and, in turn, she acts as a tireless advocate on their behalf.”