Ifeoluwa Adesemowo

As one of the most sort after categories in 2021, our judges had their work cut out for them with these submissions. This year’s Next Generation Leader of the year is someone that has stepped up to help the organisation grow, to bring teams and colleagues together, to create opportunities for all to learn, and has developed initiatives to support young talent into the Irish job market. She has helped facilitate improvements in overall culture and mood as this is required to manage successful employee engagement and diversity. She believes that with the right mix of positivity, the ability to tap into others’ strengths and by thinking outside the box, there will be greater success for the overall business. To ensure engagement and this success, she has adopted the approach that “we all need to participate”, therefore regardless of your title, everyone needs to assist to get the job done. By implementing this approach, she has created opportunities and spaces for junior colleagues to gain visibility with senior managers for their growth and development. This has been adopted in both national and international branches. She is also offering her time to mentor in the wider community to encourage more students and graduates to enter the financial services industry and to find their voices. She is an advocate for international talent and is actively increasing diversity of representation and of thought within the business and beyond.