Gillian Harford
30% Club Ireland

This outstanding contribution awards is to recognise the achievements of an individual over a long period of time that has made an important contribution to the general standing of the financial services industry. This year’s winner has been an innovative thinker and has a longstanding commitment and unquestionable passion for driving change in the sector. She has done brilliant work with the organisation she works with and has taken it from strength to strength. She is driving the creation of more diverse and inclusive workplaces in Ireland and she is respected across the country and internationally. She does not tire of her work and has continued on her mission into her retirement. She drives collaborations with governments and other key bodies to push the organisation’s influence. She has been essential in building the DE&I toolkit for smaller companies who don’t have HR departments or DE&I spokespersons. She has persevered through challenges and has supported so many individuals along the way. We thank her for all your work in making tomorrow a day of greater opportunity for everyone.