Women in Finance Summit | Dubai Edition

Thursday 22nd November 2021


We are excited to welcome you to the first ever Women in Finance Virtual Summit - Dubai edition.  

Nearly three-quarters of women in the millennial age bracket think that equal opportunities are not available to them, despite their organisations claiming to care about diversity (PwC, Making Diversity a Reality, 2015). It’s common knowledge that gender diversity can add value to an organisation however, the number of women at executive level is predicated to be capped at 28% by 2025 – and only IF the necessary adjustments are made. While the representation of women in fintech in the UK is promising at 42%, this drops to less than 30% for investment banking (Financial News, 2019). What are the obstacles slowing gender equality in the industry? And how can these obstacles be overcome?

As we find ourselves in a new decade, the focus within the sphere of financial services needs to be on transforming the diversity & inclusion discussions of the 2010s into a reality. Associations and initiatives across the country are hosting events, training sessions, think tanks and spearheading campaigns to change the scene.

The virtual Women in Finance Summit will bring together delegates from around the world to educate business leaders on how diversity in finance roles can drive innovation, exploring ways in which the finance world can, and will shift in the near future.

We invite you to join us for a series of content streams providing actionable recommendations and to network with your peers across the globe.