Venetia Bell

GIB Asset Management
Sustainability Project Leader of the Year

“Strong and impactful leadership” were the words used by our judges to describe this individual and her work. She works in an important sector that needs exactly that. This professional using all her skills to find innovative solutions to support the sector. Her innovative research paves the way to increase access to Humanitarian and Resilience Investing (HRI) and her leadership has broadened the themes around ESG investing. It is clear in all industries that without data and understanding one can’t find viable lasting solutions - this is where this year’s Sustainability Project Leader has excelled. She is working tirelessly to break down the misconceptions and barriers to investing in HRI. As the world reels from the effects of climate disaster and ensuing consequences, it is more important than ever for us to put our capital towards building a more equitable world. It is wonderful to see this project leader championing this.