Women on Walls at DCU

DEI & Education Initiative Of the Year

This year’s DEI & education initiative of the year is a simple and powerful idea. It has been created on the core believe that “we need to see it to be it”. It raises the profile of some impressive women who have not always gotten the level of recognition they deserve. This initiative brings together impressive everyday role models that will inspire the next generations of female students. Judges were impressed by the scope of the initiative which covers many areas of diversity and by the clarity of outcomes being sought after. It not only promotes STEM but also incorporates Art as a vehicle to tell a story. Along with their visible role models, the initiative also aims to increase female engagement with the study of and careers in STEM; to enhance and increase awareness of the organisation’s brand through their support and commitment to the arts, creative industries and their work in I&D; and to engage and create unique experiences for a variety of stakeholders in their ecosystem.