Kmla Sharma

Next Generation Leader

All too often we hear of experiences of individuals being the only women and/or having been one of a handful of women in meetings, college courses, events and other professional gatherings. We are told of the “funnel effect” and the high levels of drop off as women progress through courses and within organisations. It takes grit and determination to continue on the path you desire and to continue to achieve your objectives. This year’s Next Generation Leader has been one of those women. She demonstrated to our judges that her experiences thus far have actually been used to fuel and to stretch her capabilities beyond her imagination. Even at this early stage in her career, she has done great things for her employers and also great things for young women in STEM. She is a real-life example of how women can be successful in Tech. Her willingness to volunteer and encourage others to learn from themselves and their experiences in order to improve their standard of work, is commendable. She is instilling in people the joy and a creative edge that can be gained from making something out of nothing. Well done!