Caroline O'Driscoll

Deloitte Ireland / iWish
Woman Of the Year

“Passionate”, “inspirational”, “motivating” and “advocate” were some of the words to describe this year’s Woman of the Year. This individual is engaged in multiple global activities to increase gender parity and is doing amazing work to inspire thousands of girls to look into STEM careers. Her passion comes through evidently from the submission which shows her dedication for greater diversity, equity and inclusion. As a co-founder and counsel member of various entities, she is able to truly make a difference with her voice, ideas and actions. Even with the pandemic and the challenges it brought with it, she found a solution to guarantee that access to STEM classes and resources was not lost. With hard work and determination, she was able to generate a global audience of 15,122 viewers across 19 countries made up of young girls at home during the lockdown – “no girl was to be left behind”. Her greatest hope is that organisations and initiatives like the ones she leads will no longer be needed because we will have finally solved the issue we are all trying to achieve – opportunity and equality at all levels for everyone.