CO.LAB - Red Hat


CO.LAB (presented by Open Source Stories) stood out to our judges as it is a learning experience that introduces young students to the power of collaboration, community, and open source. With the use of open hardware and methodologies, Red Hat’s mentors teach students why being “open” is a better way to work together and a more effective way to solve problems. Since its launch, CO.LAB has shared the principles of open source and collaboration with more than 100 female middle school students in seven cities. 

In just two years, the initiative has grown from one-off events to a global project that has hosted 26 events total and worked with more than 600 students! With this global expansion, the following examples are commended for their creativity and efforts in increasing awareness and practical understanding. In January, CO.LAB hosted its first global experience at Tate Modern, Britain's national gallery of international modern art in London. Red Hat’s engagement at Tate Modern offered technology access to local youth. Students participated in an all-day session learning a bit about coding, a bit about music and a lot about open source. 

Additionally, the organisation has also now created CO.LAB Alumni Summits, CO.LAB with Customers and CO.LAB in a Kit. ‘CO.LAB in a Kit’ scales the idea even further as it will enable schools and other companies to deploy the workshop in a shorter timeframe or within a classroom or camp setting.  

Congratulations and thank you for taking ‘tech education’ that much further, for making it accessible and for delivering it in innovative ways.


Co.Lab introduces students to the principles of open source―and inspires them to bring the power of collaboration to their own communities. Using open hardware and methodologies, Co.Lab conducts hands-on workshops around the world to teach students why open is a better way to work together and more effective in solving problems. Co.Lab is part of Red Hat’s Open Source Stories, an original series that showcases people who apply open source to every field of human endeavor