Iris Yung


Iris works alongside a passionate team focused on building the Multi-Product Platform (MPP), a platform capable of analyzing billions of shares daily across over 25 financial products in order to protect investors from fraudulent market activity, such as insider trading and market manipulation, and to ensure that the securities industry operates transparently. She has experienced teams with either a healthy level of female professionals as well as the other perspective - being the only women in a team of over 30. 

Already as a young professional, Iris has worked as a VP on 2 technology teams. On both teams, she demonstrates her extensive skillset with responsibilities over bank-wide initiatives to improve financial reporting; the integration of external services to seamlessly handle new products; and to research innovative machine learning opportunities.

Judges were drawn to her extensive efforts to advocate for women in tech. Iris joined Lead, Education, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) for Women, a resource group for women, to aid in hosting several events for women in tech. She offers professional development tips and career advice to women in overlooked communities who are interested in tech. Outside of work, Iris is also part of Women Who Code and Fintech Ladies, where she strives to be an ambassador in their NYC expansion and advises future generations. Her ambitions do not stop here! Iris has a promising future ahead and we look forward to following her as she progresses in her professional career.


While only in her late 20s, Iris Yung has over 10 years of fintech experience. She has worked on the development, testing, product onboarding, and strategic planning of trade platforms used industrywide. She has also led enterprise technology initiatives, including a cloud data migration and machine learning research to enhance trade algorithms. She is especially passionate about advocating for women to get involved in technology forums and to create a network to share professional development advice.