Neha Joshi


Neha’s professional, leadership, mentoring, innovation, and personal accomplishments have qualified her to be recognized as the Business Role Model of the Year. 

Neha has inspired and has assisted others to perform at their best. She champions innovation in cybersecurity; promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace; and demonstrates that women can succeed in their professional lives while maintaining balance and devoting time to their family and personal lives. 

Neha is commended on her promotion as the first group innovation officer in Accenture Security. Through her career she has become known as a change maker as she continues to raise the bar and achieve new heights. Neha has led major change efforts in the organization, and she led the creation of AI-powered Autonomous Identity. 

Neha “walks the talk” in envisioning and harnessing leading technologies and practices to solve real-world business challenges.

Neha also strives to create a more diverse and inclusive industry by being the change she wants to see through public speaking about security; vocal advocacy of women’s initiatives; and transparency about working motherhood (baby in hand and all). Our 2020 judges commend Neha for her passion and drive to advance women’s initiatives and for mentoring many women, as well as men to help bring them along in their careers.


Neha Joshi is a managing director in Accenture Security and was named the first group innovation officer. She leads more than 250 global professionals rapidly building innovative cybersecurity solutions, creates Accenture Security’s annual innovation agenda, and determines budget allocations for innovation initiatives across cybersecurity topics. In addition, she evangelizes the Accenture Security innovation agenda across Accenture, manages career paths for innovation professionals, and promotes innovative ways of working to solve security challenges with Accenture’s clients.