Rebecca Kelly


Rebecca has demonstrated outstanding relationship management and delivered fantastic results with clients in top financial institutions. This was achieved this though initiatives across numerous business levels, from low-level on-site delivery of coding workshops to educate new users in the technology, to the preparation and delivery of high-level presentations to internal teams and executives.

Rebecca has shown agility and resourcefulness by applying her expert developer knowledge to advise new teams on routes for adoption and best practices. Rebecca demonstrated creativity and offered various “Proof-of-concept” scenarios which enhance customer understanding and loyalty. She has established technical credibility and has become a key point of contact for advice and guidance on using the latest features within the organisation’s technology community. A truly proactive and passionate candidate, and this year’s Tech Evangelist – congratulations!


With an undergraduate degree in Mathematics (Trinity College Dublin) and a Masters in Machine Learning (University of Edinburgh)  Rebecca Kelly is a passionate technologist, interested in solving problems in the high velocity, high volume space. She is committed to encouraging women in technology and believes support, representation, participation and celebration are crucial. Internal to Kx she's on the women's network committee and a senior mentor. In her (very little!) spare time she enjoys the cinema, good food and tabletop games.