Dr. Aditi Roy


Dr. Aditi Roy is a woman of many achievements, extensive knowledge and a drive to support young people internationally. She is recognised as a lead on multiple projects on specifications and implementations of customer driven algorithms.

Aditi has a great, internationally recognised academic career, with ground-breaking research achievements in the area of Continuous Mobile Authentication, and continues to work to maintain her international reputation and leadership as a valued member of her scientific community. 

Aditi contributed to the creation of novel Google Glass authentication techniques and she is best known for her original scientific contributions as part of The MasterPrint Project, where she demonstrated the possibility of dictionary attack on partial fingerprint-based authentication systems. She is an asset to the industry and to undergraduate, MS and PhD students in the USA and India to whom she mentors. Aditi is an all-rounded candidate and a deserving recipient of this year’s Rising Star of the Year award. 


Dr. Aditi Roy is a research scientist working in the Vision Technologies Group at Siemens Corporate Technology’s New Jersey R&D facility from 2018. Previously, she worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University. Dr. Roy received her PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. Dr. Roy’s pioneering work on Fingerprint biometrics received widespread media coverage from New York Times, CNBC, Fortune, The Guardian, Telegraph (UK), Press Reader (Canada), to name a few.