Lena Smart


Lena has clearly shown that she ‘lives and breaths’ security. With more than 20 years of cybersecurity experience, Lena has gone from strength to strength even after dropping out of school at the age of 16. Her determination and passion to pursue tech was ever present - Lena saved for two years to buy a computer, she taught herself how to use computers and discovered an aptitude for learning about complicated networks.

With great interest and drive through the years, it has led to Lena scaling a security culture in global companies and enabling the most cutting-edge engineering achievements at MongoDB. The achievements through selectively encrypting and decrypting information is taking security and trust to the next level as we all look to guarantee that stolen/leaked data can never be accessed, especially when it comes to documents like healthcare patient records, bank transaction, pension data and more. 

Lena is a clear security Champion, so much so that she has also set up a Security Champions Program to ensure that every department across the organisation has security top of mind - to extend and scale a security-first mindset across the company and to help educate on best-practices. Thank you for protecting the ‘gold’ that is our data.


Lena Smart joined MongoDB with more than 20 years of cybersecurity experience. Before joining MongoDB, she was the Global Chief Information Security Officer for the international fintech company, Tradeweb. Prior to that, she served as CIO and Chief Security Officer for the New York Power Authority, the largest state power organization in the country. She is a founding partner of Cybersecurity at MIT Sloan.