Suzi Connor


Suzi Connor has proven that she is a catalyst for transformational change. She has envisioned, planned, and continues to execute a digital transformation that makes CDC better prepared to combat threats to the health and safety of American citizens.

Suzi has led the advancement of a mobile workforce transformation initiative that resulted in a flexible and powerful ‘digital workplace’ for CDC’s 24,000 employees world-wide. 

The outcomes have been tremendous:

1) the implementation of cloud systems and modernized infrastructure that empower CDC scientists and policymakers to more rapidly share data, tools, and life-saving analysis from any part of the globe;

2) advanced CDC public health response capabilities;

3) Implementing and using open technologies that increase transparency, collaboration, and accountability.

4) Transforming CDC’s IT workforce and ‘the way IT works,’ to meet the demands of the digital age and rising expectations of CDC stakeholders.

Suzi directed the first reorganization in 15 years and identified new leadership and staff skills needed to support customers; introduced a totally new focus on product management; instituted a reimagined approach to customer service and much more.

Thanks to Suzi and this successful transformation, this leaves the CDC better able to respond to health threats, no matter where in the world they might first arise. Brilliant and important work!


Suzi Connor, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for CDC, is a catalyst for transformational change. As CIO, she oversees nearly 1,000 CDC systems and a worldwide network that directly serves over 135,000 public health scientists and officials. Upon accepting the CIO role 2 years ago, Suzi envisioned, launched and continues to execute a digital transformation that’s enabling life-saving public health data analytics and enhancing CDC’s ability to combat health and safety threats to American citizens, wherever they first arise.