Atos - Women Who Succeed Plan


The Women Who Succeed Plan is a growing initiative at Atos with a lot of exciting potential. One particular component which stood out to the judges was the Women In Action component where female talent was asked to take action internally and externally to expand their skill sets to prepare for career moves, mentor/coach, share best practices, engage with community groups, and increase their social media contributions to support Atos’ efforts in attracting more women to the organisation. 

The first-ever women's leadership development program was launched and was the opportunity to "pay it forward" through an Accountability Buddies program. Participants were involved in and led peer coaching circles; hosted monthly tech talks highlighting how women impact the Tech For Good movement; involved community engagement with Girls Code Fun, Girls Who Code, Hope Tech; and had a targeted pen pal program with schools to attract women in sales and to engagement with NTID to build bridges with deaf women in tech. More wonderful ideas and initiatives were highlighted which blew our judges away! 

There were very impressive results regarding the creation of inclusive, gender neutral job postings which led to an increase in women applying to the company within the first 3 months of adoption. Additionally, the development of a return to work employee network showed commitment to ensuring that employees coming back from a career break receive care and attention to ease the transition. There is also important targeted training on for recruiters on the importance of attaining gender balance, for hiring managers on hiring in the age of ageism, and for people managers on removing gender bias from performance feedback.

Congratulations on all your incredible work and this fantastic program – it is one for the industry to watch and learn from.



In 2019, we created Women In Action wherein female key talents were asked expand skill sets, mentor/coach, share best practices, engage with community groups, and increase their social media contributions to showcase Atos as the career destination for women.  We launched a women's leadership development program, established Accountability Buddies, hosted women-led tech talks; mentored girls’ clubs, initiated collegiate pen pal programs, developed linkedin podcasts, led book clubs and added an "Ask me about…" statement in email signatures.  Textio created inclusive, helped us build gender neutral job postings, increasing the number of female applicants.