Pearson - led by, Marykay Wells


Marykay Wells is a highly experienced CIO with a strong technical background. Her authenticity and leadership skills are recognised as differentiating factors that set her apart from the norm. Marykay stands out as a leader that understands her team and their talents to leverage their drive and knowledge for greater productivity. She is also not afraid of making changes as needed, promoting and re-aligning people on a regular basis to develop talent and reward success.    

Her focus on the importance of clear lines of accountability - not only from her team, but with the business units collaborating with the Technology organization, is one all leaders should follow. It will frequently lead to challenging conversations with external parties, however it is essential for all to understand their role in contributing to shared success. Marykay is recognised across the company as a whole by receiving the Pearson Chairman’s Change Maker award.

She has enabled success by: building a diverse team, with emphasis on looking for talent at the graduate level and outside of traditional hiring practices; delivering single standard product architecture to meet customer demand within the growth markets; she has deployed new technology to the US across HR, finance, rights and permissions, supply chain and procurement; and she has automated many manual processes to support digital and physical ordering, achieving a 200% improvement. Fantastic work from Marykay and her strong team! 



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