WIT Canada Summit Agenda - 20th October 2021

All timings are in EST

Welcome Remarks
9:30 AM  to  9:40 AM
KEYNOTE PANEL: From digital leadership to hybrid leadership – are you ready?
9:40 AM  to  10:25 AM
  • What does the office of the future look like? 

  • What are the downsides of flexibility? How do we avoid an “out of sight, out of mind’ reality? 

  • Diversity and inclusion are inadvertently impacted – what do we do? How are you as a leader managing this? 

  • How to lead with and embrace collaboration, and avoid exclusion 

  • Discussing the impacts on the organisation if this top-down approach is not adopted 

Monique Allen. EVP, Data and Technology. OMERS.
John Comacchio. SVP and CIO. Teknion.
Nasheen Liu. Partner and SVP of CIO Program Strategy. The IT Media Group.
Ernest Solomon. CIO. LawPro.

Stream 1 - Workplace & Workforce of the Future

Stream 1 - Workplace & Workforce of the Future
PANEL DISCUSSION: Driving digital first and customer centric agendas
10:30 AM  to  11:10 AM
  • What does this mean and how will this make you unbeatable amongst your competition? 

  • What impact will this have on your business strategies for: 

  • Mobility? 

  • Cloud? 

  • Data and insights? 

  • Clients are demanding more - How to make your ESG plan one of your key USPs 

  • Discussing the impacts of lip service and greenwashing (investors, clients, consumers, employees, regulators) 

  • How and why tech must drive this mandate forward – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) 

Paul Lewis. CTO. Pythian.
Marvin Wong. VP – Business Intelligence, Technology and Security. Secure Energy.
Nastaran Bisheban. CTO. KFC Canada.
Jennifer Rosenak. Regional Director & Insight Advisory. Avison Young.

Stream 2 - Leading by Example and with Purpose

Stream 2 - Leading by Example and with Purpose
PANEL:  Purpose, purpose, purpose – how do you fill the purpose gap?
10:30 AM  to  11:10 AM
  • What does purpose mean and why is it important for organisations? 

  • How do organisations become more purpose driven and how do leaders own their purpose (Walk the Walk)?  

  • Finding a balance of what is felt vs what is dictated/forced upon employees 

  • Tomorrow’s tech talent want more from an employer 

  • Do you have the “compelling factor” that motivates professionals to work for you and customers to buy from you? 

  • The next gen are more ESG conscious 

  • How to showcase greater purpose to all your stakeholders 

  • Case studies and lived experiences highlighting employee loyalty, value and outcomes (Win win scenarios).  

Charles Lewis. CTO. TELUS Health.
Angela Podolsky. Founder and Corporate Trainer. Kinesics.com.
John Sikaitis. Chief Innovation Officer. Avison Young.

Stream 1 - Workplace & Workforce of the Future

Stream 1 - Workplace & Workforce of the Future
FIRESIDE CHAT: How to future proof your Security
11:15 AM  to  11:45 AM
  • What’s next on the Cybersecurity horizon? (Evaluating concerns and breach examples.) 

  • How do we mitigate the risks of mass impact attacks on cloud technology? 

  • How do we get to a place of greater security with little to no firefighting?  

  • Does it come down to resources and talent? 

  • Addressing the lack of diverse talent in cybersecurity and what makes a great cyber security professional 

  • Upskilling employees to the level you need them to be at – why aren’t we investing more in this? (too busy spending money firefighting, rather than investing in the talent that will prevent the breaches) 

  • Sourcing your talent - have you considered police, military, financial professionals and/or hackers?  

Melissa Carvalho. Global Cyber Security Vice President. RBC.
Anuja Sharma. Head of Solution Engineering. Splunk.
Helen Polatajko. Board Director.
Amar Narain. CIO. Pizza Pizza.

Stream 2 - Leading by Example and with Purpose

Stream 2 - Leading by Example and with Purpose
FIRESIDE CHAT: Burnout – a badge of shame or a badge of honour?
11:15 AM  to  11:45 AM
  • What do you think of burnout and what does it mean to you?  

  • How are organisations addressing burnout on a business level? 

  • Badge of honour – they worked really hard 

  • Badge of shame – sign of weakness, can’t handle the pressure/workload 

  • Discussing work and life integration rather than balance 

  • How are organisations supporting their employees and leaders to work smarter? (Highlighting innovative corporate 

Joanna Osawe. President and CEO. Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE).
Cristina Tahoces. Nutritionist and Owner. Thrive Nutrition Practice.
CASE STUDY Q&A: Hiring your Future Talent Now
11:50 AM  to  12:15 PM
  • Hire now to avoid talent “shortages” later - Why this is such a brilliant idea?  

  • Career development and staff motivation 

  • Thinking ahead, allowing people time to settle, get ready and be ready to go when need 

  • More opportunities to build relationships and increase retention 

  • Continued initiatives and programmes 

  • How will this impact the onboarding experience? 

  • How does this support good, fruitful experiences for all stakeholders involved? 

Ainsley D’Mello. VP, Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations. CI Investments.
Alix Edmiston. President. AE Public Relations.
Carole Chan. Chief Commercial and People Officer. Vivo Cannabis.
Paul Pinkney. General Manager - Canada Sales. Red Hat.
Closing Remarks
12:15 PM  to  12:20 PM

Masterclass 1

Masterclass 1
MASTERCLASS: The new way to network
2:00 PM  to  2:45 PM
  • The dos and don’ts of online networking, highlighting the differences from face-to-face? 

  • Where are you meeting your peers? 

  • How are you reaching out to them?  

  • Developing the online confidence and swagger you need to keep your networking growing 

To register for the masterclass, please register for the summit and follow the link in your confirmation email

Vicki Bradley. Founder and CEO. WIL Empowered.

Masterclass 2

Masterclass 2
MASTERCLASS: Top 5 strategies to becoming a better male ally in the workplace
2:00 PM  to  2:45 PM
  • What make a great ally? 

  • Why should you step up? (Highlighting the links to profitability and it’s the right thing to do) 

  • How to ask, listen, show up and speak up as an ally 

  • Outlining the strategies to help you become a better ally in the workplace and beyond 

To register for the masterclass, please register for the summit and follow the link in your confirmation email

Sara Jost. Business Development Manager. Red Hat.
Paul Pinkney. General Manager - Canada Sales. Red Hat.