DiversityQ is delighted to present the Women in IT Summit, Canada. 

After 18 month of a Covid-19 pandemic, countless lockdowns, delays with the vaccine rollout and regulatory changes, it is easy to get lost in the negative press. All the while so much has been developed that has helped save lives and reduce the transmission of the virus and businesses have been able to switch to digital and stay open.

This free-to-attend summit will focus on the road to recovery, addressing the top challenges and trends highlighted by the IT community. Agenda topics will question and explore what tech has been invaluable, how to lead in a hybrid reality and make better tech decisions, and how leaders can better support their teams and present themselves as the role models they are for future talent.

Join us on October 20 to hear from Canadian senior leaders who will share how they have successfully managed their businesses, teams and talent recruitment, how they have adapted and grown as hybrid and purposeful leaders, and how they have adapted their business models and agendas to truly be customer centric.

We invite professionals from across the globe to attend; you will learn actionable tips to help with thinking ahead and the summit provides the perfect platform to network with international technology peers across multiple industries. This is the regional event you do not want to miss; tune in and be inspired!