Who can nominate for these Awards?

Our Women in IT Award nominations are open to all women. You can nominate yourself or your colleagues/peers. Please make full use of the word count, providing the performance information requested in the category description. You are also invited to include links to associated work for our judges to verify the information shared. We look forward to receiving your nominations. 

How do I nominate?

Each candidate can be nominated for a maximum of two categories using the nomination link provided. If subsequent nominations are received, only the first two will be considered for the shortlisting process. Please select the most relevant for you or the candidate being nominated. 

Please use the criteria of the category you wish to enter to shape your written submission, as the judges will refer to the criteria to guide their decisions. You should submit an essay style submission which (we recommend) should be around 800 words. 

The more factual information and stats you can provide for any of these questions, the better your chances of being shortlisted. The submission should cover achievements in the day-to-job and prove advocacy for gender parity, diversity, equity and inclusion.

What is the involved cost?

There is no cost to enter a submission for the awards. 

If you are shortlisted, there is a cost to attend the live Awards Ceremony. The Women in IT Team will be in touch to help book your place. 

If I can’t attend the ceremony, will this impact my chances of winning?

No, this will not impact your chances of winning at all. You are welcome to ask someone to accept the award on your behalf, or you can send an acceptance message which the Women In IT Team will be happy to share for you. Your award will be sent to your postal address post-event.

Who judges the submissions?

An independent panel of industry judges will consider each nomination and vote on the winners for each category. 

Nomination  Deadline.

29th July, 2022

Who shall I contact if I have any more questions?

If you need any further assistance, please contact us via email: event.marketing@bonhillplc.com