WIT Ireland Summit Agenda 2021


Morning Welcome Remarks
10:00 AM  to  10:10 AM

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Morning Welcome Remarks


Leyla Karaha. Founder. YourY Network.
Breda McCague. Co-Founder & Chair. LeanIn Ireland.
Jenna Kelly. Senior Conference Producer. Bonhill plc.
KEYNOTE: Relying on Tech to Save our World
10:10 AM  to  10:25 AM

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  • In this session Zara will describe what Tech for Good means to her. From the many projects Accenture have already been on a journey to improve different sides of society to the most meaningful personal tech for good that has impacted Zara’s year so far. The session will also delve into the ‘Saylists’ case study, which was an initiative to radically improve how kids who struggle who a speech impediment experience speech therapy.
Zara Flynn. Managing Director. Accenture Interactive Ireland.
PANEL: The Year of Analytics for Good
10:30 AM  to  11:15 AM

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  • Harnessing the information from AI & machine learning to address society’s big problems
  • Learn about the not-for-profit world that’s taking the power of analytics and turning it into good – and how you can support this work
  • Ways to use analytics internally, to create your own organisational positive impact
  • As climate targets and UN SDG deadlines loom closer, can technology play a pivotal role in protecting and preserving our environment and our humanity?
Georgina Bulkeley. Director of FSI Solutions. Google Cloud.
Noelle Doody. Managing Director. Accenture Applied Intelligence.
Lorcan Malone. Chief Executive. The Analytics Institute.
Lizzy Hayashida. Co-Founder & CEO. Change Donations.
Aditi Mishra. Strategy & Analytics. LinkedIn.
LIGHTNING TALKS: Let’s Talk About: Social Mobility in Tech
11:20 AM  to  11:45 AM

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  • Why is there such low representation of tech workers from a low income background?
  • Social mobility in the technology industry cannot simply be about recruitment, but it’s a good place to start
  • How does the culture in tech workplaces need to shift to be inclusive of all backgrounds?
  • Initiatives to support social mobility, from collecting data on your teams, to development programmes, to elevating diverse role models
Sarah Atkinson. Chief Executive Officer. The Social Mobility Foundation.
CLOSING CONVERSATION: Accountability – The Solution to Tech’s DEI Jigsaw?
11:50 AM  to  12:20 PM

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  • What is going wrong with so many corporate DEI strategies and initiatives?
  • Encouraging colleagues & senior leaders to adopt a growth mindset, and promote education around diversity, equity & inclusion
  • How to hold those in your workplace accountable, and avoid polarising the workforce
  • Importantly, why do so many organisations fear holding themselves accountable?
Dr Ebun Joseph. Director. Institute of Antiracism & Black Studies.
Laura Stewart. Executive Director, IB Rates Technology,. J.P. Morgan.
12:20 PM  to  2:30 PM