Welcome & Opening Remarks
10:00 AM  to  10:10 AM v Main Plenary



KEYNOTE: Avoiding Regressed Representation, from The Great Resignation
10:10 AM  to  10:30 AM v Main Plenary

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Post-pandemic, tech professionals worldwide are reassessing their priorities and values in relation to working life. We’re seeing the talent and skills gap in the technology sectors being widened as more workers choose alternative paths, industries, and lifestyles. What’s more, the Great Resignation in tech risks disproportionately impacting marginalised individuals, and causing irreparable damage to years of diversity, equity, and inclusion work. How can we ensure that we put diverse representation back as a core value for tech organisations, creating the most profound impact going forward and protecting recent efforts.


30 Minutes With…
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Special guest to be announced soon.

Workshop Taster: Cultivating a Collaborative Multigenerational Workforce
11:00 AM  to  11:40 AM

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With Asia’s ageing workforce, and an incoming generation of millennials and GenZ taking up space, how can the tech industry not only welcome its many generations of staff, but truly foster a collaborative culture and take advantage of a range of skills and values? Join us to learn how you can cultivate a workplace that benefits from, and is not hindered by, a range of ages in its talent.

Panel: Next-Gen Innovation, Inclusion, Impact
11:40 AM  to  12:20 PM

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Tech is accelerating. As Asia prepares for and welcomes the next generation of tech businesses, innovations, and advancements, we consider how diverse talent and inclusive workplaces can fuel the biggest and brightest innovations and contribute towards maximum impact for organisations and the industry alike. With the digital natives of GenZ coming into the workforce, how can we foster collaborative multi-generational environments for innovation to thrive? And how can these powerful new Asia-born advancements contribute towards positive societal impact and progress?

Elizabeth Chee. Head of Government & Enterprise Sales. Accredify Pte Ltd.
Damien Kopp.
Tracy Quah. VP Marketing, Asia Pacific & Japan. Informatica.
Closing Remarks
12:20 PM  to  12:30 PM v Main Plenary

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