WIT Canada Summit Agenda - 25th October 2022

All timings are in EST

Networking Breakfast & Registration  
8:00 AM  to  8:45 AM
Welcome Remarks
8:45 AM  to  9:00 AM
Vanessa Vakharia. Founder. The Math Guru.
Tania Ferreira. Portfolio Director and Head of Event Content Production. Women in IT Global Series.
Keynote: Open Doors to Tech 
9:00 AM  to  9:40 AM

Join us as we journey through the talent process - hiring, to promotion, to retention – and share insights on how to open doors to tech. How can access to tech roles and tech organisations be widened for diverse and all-too-often underrepresented talent? What is the organisational and industry-wide framework required for diversifying the talent coming into the workplace, and importantly – how do we ensure that the future leaders are welcomed, not put off, careers in this space?  

Michelle Joliat. SVP, Product & Delivery. Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.
Nasheen Liu. Partner & SVP. The IT Media Group.
Melissa Carvalho. VP, Global Cyber Security Planning Office. Royal Bank of Canada.
Ted Maulucci. President. SmartONE Solutions Inc.
Fireside Chat: 30 Minutes with Karima-Catherine Goundiam 
9:45 AM  to  10:15 AM

CEO of B2Bee Match, Founders of Tech Canada Advocates, and regular feature on the most influential women in tech lists, KC Goundiam is a true powerhouse. In 30 minutes, she’ll be sharing her most valuable insights into innovating better with diverse teams, creating positive impact with our data, and learning lessons from the most inclusive industries. You don’t want to miss this one...  

KC Goundiam. Founder. B2BeeMatch.
Cheryl Cole. Editor. DiversityQ.
Accessibility Break
10:20 AM  to  10:50 AM

30 minutes to take a break from the day’s content, have some cognitive down-time, reflect on what you’ve heard so far, complete any personal tasks you might have, or move around the room if you’re able. 

Debate Panel: Impact of Emerging Technologies – The Good vs The Bad  
10:55 AM  to  11:40 AM

It’s important that our technological innovations and advancements are ethical, and have a positive impact on society, the environment, and the people who use them. From AI, to AR, to VR, cryptocurrencies and beyond, let’s unpack the benefits of emerging tech…and the damaging sides too.    

As technology advances at lightning speed, are we stopping to assess what we want that tech to do, putting people and planet at the forefront? Will they ultimately benefit our world? Or will we lose control of our developments and augment the existing inequities in the industry and society?  

Janet Lin. VP, Lending & Payments Technology. EQ Bank.
Marie Wiese. Host. Women Talk Tech.
Elena Sinelnikova. CEO. Metis.
Ainsley D’Mello. SVP, Global Infrastructure and Platforms. CI Financial.
Randy Singh. Engineering Manager. Wealthsimple.
Fireside Chat: The Importance of Infrastructure Resilience: What does the infrastructure of the future look like?
11:45 AM  to  12:15 PM

We are never going to be able to predict and avoid all the dangers in today’s business climate. Having a well-defined resilience plan can save organizations billions of dollars in losses since it reduces the risks and impact of threats. COVID-19 was only a catalyst of what is yet to be considered—how to become resilient against uncertainties. Join us for this session as we explore, what the importance of infrastructure resilience and what is next in this new world. 

Paul Lewis. CTO. Pythian.
Ferial Sheybani. Vice President, Head of Technology & Data. Colliers.
Networking Lunch & Meet the speakers
12:20 PM  to  1:20 PM
Impactful Ideas Stage
1:25 PM  to  2:25 PM

It’s competition time! We invite the Women in IT Community to listen into some of the most impactful and innovative ideas for boosting representation in the Canadian tech industry, to be pitched and then scrutinised by a vibrant panel of experts. And the best part? You get to vote for the winner.  

Nathalie Myara. CEO. Eduplan Solutions.
Sophia Dhrolia. Director of D&I and Employee Engagement. Toronto Region Board of Trade.
Stephanie Holko. Director of Project Development. Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (NGen).
Sue Britton. Co-Founder. Fathom4sight.
Ross Davidson. Chief Information Officer. SCI.
Sri Santhanam. AVP, Agile Excellence Domain. Sunlife Financials.
Anuja Sharma. Head of Sales Engineering, Central Canada. Splunk.
Fireside Chat: Building Humanity into Digital Workplaces (30 mins)
2:30 PM  to  3:00 PM

As the past 3 years have seen us evolve from office-based work, to fully remote, to a hybrid model in many organisations, our attitudes towards teamwork and collaboration have evolved too. Our daily worlds are moving online in every way, and the digital workplace is a big part of that, but how can we continue to foster human-centred cultures, and bring out the people side of working, while continuing to pursue the improved inclusion and accessibility that digital working can bring? It’s not so much the future of work anymore, but the new world of work – so how can we make sure that ‘new’ means ‘better’?  

Melissa Penton. Modern Workplace Product Lead. OMERS.
Marie -Christine Legault. Head of Canada. Cprime.
Marvin Wong. VP. Secure Energy.
Accessibility Break & Speed Networking: Take What You Need 
3:05 PM  to  3:30 PM

25 minutes to take a break from the day’s content, have some cognitive down-time, reflect on what you’ve heard so far, complete any personal tasks you might have, or move around the room if you’re able. There’ll also be a speed networking session if you’d like to connect over the Impactful Ideas Stage!

Fireside Chat: How to have and manage difficult conversations
3:35 PM  to  4:05 PM

As leaders, and as individuals, there are times when we are required to have difficult conversations with colleagues, teams, managers, and senior leaders. These conversations can vary from pay rises to microaggressions, global issues, and inequality in the workplace. How do you even begin to have a conversation about these points? How can you guarantee there won’t be less favourable consequences because of the conversation? How as a leader can you manage and seek to support/solve the challenge or concerns at hand? Not having these conversations is not the solution. Join us for an insightful 30-minute session that will provide you with some techniques, language and questions to ask to help you understand and successfully have these discussions. 

Margo Gordon. Vice President Human Resources. Teknion.
Julia Satov. Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Litera.
Ernest Solomon. CIO. LAWPRO.
Closing Keynote: Seize the Decade! Commit. Take Action. Own Your Technology Career
4:10 PM  to  4:25 PM

We live in a business world focused on achieving business objectives along with enabling DEI and Sustainability strategies.  Succeeding in the fastest growing sector around the world, requires today’s Tech Leaders to choose a purpose driven career with a commitment to Take Action, Stand Up, and ‘Own It’!  To achieve maximum positive impact as an aspiring Tech Leader or current Executive, Diversity, Inclusion and Creativity must be an embedded part of every decision.

This closing keynote will shine a light on how we can cultivate purpose-driven culture in the tech industry and its organisations, by focusing on values.  

Angela Mondou. President and CEO. TECHNATION.
Closing Remarks
4:25 PM  to  4:30 PM
Vanessa Vakharia. Founder. The Math Guru.