Advocate of the Year

An individual working with tech who is a role model and has gone out of her way to support the cause of getting more women in IT with a proven track record in advancing career opportunities for women for 2 or more years. As well as examining the women in IT initiatives the candidates have pioneered to inspire women to succeed in technology, judges will also assess their leadership, evidence of growth and the initiative’s impact on, and integration with, the business specifically.  


Diane Chan, BNY Mellon   

Errika Moore, National STEM Funders Network

Gavriella Schuster, Gavriella Schuster, LLC   

Jamie Beason, JLL 

Jocelyn DeGance, / CBT / Holberton School of Software Enginneering     

Mica Syjuco, Avanade

Nancy Wang, Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT)    

Sonja Jones, Mindpoint Group and Risk-q

Teresa Cain, TreviPay

Tina Gravel, Appgate

Ally of the Year

A senior figure who has gone out of their way to improve the diversity levels within IT, within the organisation and/or in the wider community. Successful nominations must provide case studies or examples of how the candidate has gone out of their way, or strategically prioritised, getting more diversity of talent into IT and/or supporting them in their careers. 

Angel Henry, Genesys     

Barry Shurkey, NTT Data Services     

Brenda Kay, Precisely     

Deborah Schildkraut, CompTIA     

Eugina Jordan, Parallel Wireless

Gavriella Schuster, Gavriella Schuster, LLC

Helen Figge, MedicaSoft / NYS HIMSS         

John Napoli, JP Morgan Chase     

Michael Stein, HSBC Bank USA     

Neil Hirsch, Barclays

Board Director of the Year

This award is to highlight for the impactful role of a female board member or senior executive board member of a company or not-for-profit organisation such as an endowment or charitable organisation. Judges will assess their influence on strategy, their leadership and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within the organisation/s.  

Alicia Syrett, Digimarc     

Jocelyn DeGance, Holberton School of Software Engineering     

Niloofar Razi Howe, Pondurance     

Nirvana Farhadi, Rainmade

CIO of the Year

A female Chief Information Officer or head of information technology (IT) who has demonstrated innovation and IT excellence. Judges will look at projects and achievements spanning the current organisation or others if applicable, within the last 2-years. Examples of best practice, leadership, ROI generated and alignment to business goals must be included.   

Angelic Gibson, AvidXchange     

Beatriz Copelli, Reynolds American Inc.     

Dee Fitzgerald, Danone     

Enna Zarate, DHL     

Stacey Bernal, Infor     

Suchita Nagale, Syntellis Performance Solutions

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CTO of the Year

A chief technology officer or technology director who has demonstrated positive impact on the company’s top line and driven new customer value through the innovative use of technology. Candidates will include examples of strong leadership and how they have employed a technology strategy to enhance product development and improve the service the company provides to customers. Judges will also assess how well ingrained the chief technology officer is in the business and how she has helped put technology at the heart of the business, driving strong commercial results in the process.   

Barbara Bickham, Trailyn Ventures, LLC     

Janhavi Rao, Barclays     

Mary Kotch, Core Speciality Insurance     

Yao Morin, JLL

Data Leader of the Year  

A female IT, technology or business leader who has demonstrated successful results in data technology in the last 2 years. This could include demonstrations of successfully deploying data technologies; improving how a company uses or deals with data; delivering effective data strategies; enhancing decision-making with data; or furthering knowledge, awareness and education around data and related technologies. 

Ananda Gowri Karthikeyan, Equinix     

Ashley Cheng, JLL     

Candice Linnell, Intel     

Chitra Balasubramanian, CircleCI  

Colleen Tartow, Starburst         

Jigyasa Grover, Twitter

Kala Bala, MMIT         

Kelli Pircio, Vertex Pharmaceuticals     

Shibani Sanan, Plaid     

Zhamak Dehghani, Thoughtworks

DEI Initiative of the Year

This award will be presented to a project or initiative that has had demonstrable success in improving the recruitment, onboarding, development and/or progression of underrepresented talent. This may be a digital technology driven initiative or project that has also improved communication, engagement and support and removed a significant barrier to change affecting diverse talent.   

Advancing Women in Tech (AWIT)     

GN Women’s Network, GN - Jabra     

GRC for Intelligent Ecosystems (GRCIE)     

Learning2Work Pathfinders Apprenticeship Program, Pearson     

NTT Inclusive Programs, NTT DATA Services         

Product Specialists, JLL Technologies

Race and Ethnic Diversity Affinity Group (RED), Morgan Stanley        

The Accelerator Hub, Positive Planet US     

The Great Connect, AvidXchange     

Unleash Your Leadership Potential (UYLP), Broadcom

Digital Transformation Leader of the Year

A female chief digital officer, digital director or leader of a digital transformation who has led an IT/digital transformation or business change programme driven by technology in the last 2-years. Judges will look at examples of the technology and innovation involved; leadership; best practice; results and return on investment; alignment to business goals; and how culture shifts were managed. 

Alla Gogerman, Pacific Gas & Electric     

Carolyn Ortega, Metropolitan Transportation Authority     

Crystal Crayton, Reynolds Consumer Products     

Dana Parks, BNY Mellon     

Debra Doyle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise        

Mariana Padilha, dentsu

Prajakta Surve, Trane Technologies     

Sandhya Sridharan, JP Morgan Chase     

Teesee Murray, TiGrafx     

Tiffany Miller, Fidelity Investments

Employer of the Year

This award is for a technology organisation that has demonstrated a great effort to attract and retain more diverse talent, or a company from any other industry that has demonstrated great efforts to attract and retain more diverse talent in its IT and/or digital department. Judges will look at efforts the employer has made to create a more diverse and inclusive working environment.   

Whitney Cathcart, 3DLOOK

Louisa Marlin, BJSS

Fastly Inc.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond


Joyce Durst, Growth Acceleration Partners

Kathleen Pai, N-able

Get Real Health

S&P Global

Entrepreneur of the Year  

A female leader of a technology, digital or e-commerce start-up that has demonstrated excellent growth in the last 2-years with a coherent and sustainable strategy in achieving it. Judges will look at demonstrations of growth (turnover, profit, employees etc.), standout achievements and customer testimonials.  

Chaitra Vedullapalli, Women in Cloud     

Joyce Durst, Growth Acceleration Partners     

Kara Collier, NutriSense     

Nataliya Anon, Svitla Systems Inc.     

Rajoshi Ghosh, Hasura         

Srii Srinivasan, Chargeback Gurus

Stacia Nelson, Pivot Strategies        

Tammy Camp, Stronghold     

Vickie Chen, AviaGames     

Whitney Cathcart, 3DLOOK

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IT Team of the Year (led by a woman) 

An IT team, led by a woman, that has delivered real value – with tangible business results – to a company. Judges will look at projects and achievements, along with examples of best practice, leadership, ROI generated and alignment to business goals. 

Elizabeth Berna, Allstate     

Elynne Koay, Hewlett Packard Enterprise     

Jo-Anne Dressendofer, Slice Wireless Solutions     

Laura Macca, Eisner Advisory Group, LLC     

MacKenzie Durnovich, Bank of America     

Melissa Ahrendt, Perrigo Company

Merry Anne Hetrick, Hewlett Packard Enterprise     

Monique Edmondson, Cisco     

Sara Nixon, Intel     

Tami Frederick, Perrigo Company

Next Generation Leader of the Year

A woman under the age of 30, or who turns 30 in 2022, who has progressed rapidly though their career and demonstrated business value and innovation using technology. This could include demonstrations of successfully deploying technologies; improving how a company approaches technology; delivering effective IT or technology strategies; enhancing decision-making with technology; creating business value, efficiencies and cost savings, or improving services, through the use of technology; driving new innovation in the industry; or furthering knowledge, awareness and education around technology. Candidates must have a 2-year track record of work and contribution to the organisation.

Alex Keedy, Intel 471     

Allie Lenzmeier, Infor     

Amanda Brown, Accenture     

Jigyasa Grover, Twitter     

Madeline Dawes, ColdQuanta     

Maretta Morovitz, MITRE

Priya Aswani, Microsoft         

Rikki George, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group     

Ting Pan, MURAL     

Xiang Ying (Shar) Shuai, Barclays


Outstanding Contribution of the Year 

This category recognises the achievements over a long period of time which has made an important contribution to the general standing of the technology industry. This individual has dedicated a major part of their working life to helping and supporting others. Judges will be looking for evidence of multiple projects and how they have impacted women and young girls. 

Ann-Marie Yap, Stanford Health Care and School of Medicine     

Barbara Hewitt, Texas State University     

Emma Chew, Rolls-Royce     

Ewa Kleczyk, Symphony Health (an ICON plc Company)     

Jacyln Giordano,     

Krista Peryer, The Geek Foundation

Laura Jones, Hearst         

Monica Eaton-Cardone, Chargebacks911     

Radhika Aasoori, Morgan Stanley     

Ruchi Mahindru, IBM Research


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Security Leader of the Year

A female CSO, CISO or any other senior IT security function (including cyber security and data management), within a USA organisation who has delivered outstanding work. Judges will assess the candidates’ innovative approaches to security and the impact of their policies, procedures and projects on the business. 

Cynthia Hetherington, Hetherington Group     

Dana Simberkoff, AvePoint     

Kavya Pearlman, XR Safety Initiative (XRSI)     

Keavy Murphy, Starburst     

Lauren Zink,         

Monica Converse, Verizon

Nancy (Zhengnan) Wang, Alert Logic by HelpSystems     

Rikki George, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME Group)     

Saryu Nayyar, Gurucul     

Sheila Jambekar, Plaid

Woman of the Year

A woman who has demonstrated the highest degree of IT excellence, innovation and leadership over the last 2 years, and shone a light on the great things women in IT can achieve. Candidates should have not only have demonstrated outstanding business- and/or technology-focused achievements, but also give examples on how they have actively sought to bring more diversity into the technology industry. 

Anju Chopra, Kroll     

Bonnie Hagemann, EDA, Inc.     

Carolyn Ortega, Metropolitan Transportation Authority     

Cindy Couyoumjian, Cinergy Financial     

Irma Olguin, Bitwise Industries         

Kathleen Pai, N-able

Kavya Pearlman, XR Safety Initiative (XRSI)         

Kitty Chaney Reed, IBM     

Krista Peryer, The Geek Foundation     

Priyanka Sharma, Cloud Native Computing Foundation