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Welcome & Opening Remarks
9:30 AM  to  9:40 AM v Main Plenary



Nova Lorraine. Storyteller.
KEYNOTE: Rooting for Representation during Tech’s Great Resignation
9:40 AM  to  10:00 AM v Main Plenary

As we enter the post-pandemic era, tech professionals worldwide are reassessing their priorities and values in relation to working life. We’re seeing the talent and skills gap in the technology sectors being widened as more workers leave for other industries or alternative paths.  What’s more, the Great Resignation in tech is disproportionately impacting women and people of colour, risking irreparable damage to years of diversity, equity, and inclusion work. How can tech organizations put diverse representation back as a core value, and continue to prioritize diverse perspectives at the table.



DEBATE: The Year of the Metaverse – Can True Inclusion be Achieved?
10:00 AM  to  11:00 AM v Main Plenary

The Metaverse: the trend on everyone’s lips in 2022. A wealth of both optimistic and critical analyses have been appearing in online forums, and our team f debate experts unpack whether or not the next great digital shift will be truly and authentically inclusive. After 8 years of diversity reporting in the tech industry, we can see the progress that’s been made, with inclusion as a core value for many of today’s technology organisations and more underrepresented individuals in leadership positions. Simultaneously, we are facing more challenges than ever before, with poor connectivity globally, algorithmic biases, and non-inclusive design in new products launched daily. 


Will the Metaverse put inclusion at its core from the get-go, and achieve a truly inclusive platform that represents our society? Or will the existing inequities in tech simply be augmented as we fast-forward with a brand new digital world? 

Stacey Turmel. CEO. The Internet is for Everyone, LLC.
Venus Ranieri. Founder & Host. It's a Social Thing.
Alley Lyles-Jenkins. Principal Consultant, Product Innovation. Slalom Consulting.
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30 minutes to take a break from the day’s content, have some cognitive down-time, reflect on what you’ve heard so far, complete any personal tasks you might have, or move around the room if you’re able

Workshop Hour
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  • Innovating for Your Personal Brand
  • How to Make Positive Impact with your Supply Chain
  • The Reality of Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace
Networking Lunch & Meet the Speakers
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30 Minutes with Sam Rad
1:30 PM  to  2:00 PM

Join us as we spend a half hour with Samantha Radocchia – or Sam Rad – to discuss the future of tech and its IMPACT. As one of Forbes 30 Under 30 for Enterprise Technology and a powerhouse voice in cultural technology, we’re excited to unpack with her the broad spectrum of paths that can lead talent into the industry, sometimes perhaps unconventionally. We’ll also go right back to unpack the original intention for the development of technology – and ask how can we start putting society and environment back at the forefront? How can we empower designers and end users alike to do good and create maximum positive impact in the years to come?


It'll be 30 minutes you don’t want to miss…trust us!

Sam Rad. Founder. Radical Next.
The Solution Room
2:00 PM  to  3:00 PM

An opportunity to get peer-supported advice on your tech, DEI, or professional development-related challenges. Come armed with the issues you’re having, the concerns that have reared their heads, and the questions you might have for other like-minded professionals, and we’ll give you the space and time to share advice and insights.

Accessibility break
3:00 PM  to  3:30 PM

30 minutes to take a break from the day’s content, have some cognitive down-time, reflect on what you’ve heard so far, complete any personal tasks you might have, or move around the room if you’re able. 

Closing Keynote
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