Webinar 1: How Microsoft Does Data 

Data is central to every organisation, and Microsoft is no different. At Microsoft, much of our data historically operated in silos, keeping data in disparate systems forced our teams to make isolated decisions.

The company has had a vision for transforming the way we use data—a vision that builds on a larger digital transformation strategy to empower employees to turn connected data into intelligent decisions.

Modernising a data estate isn’t always easy; it involves introducing fresh processes, using new tools and champions to see cultural changes through. We’ve been going through this shift ourselves at Microsoft. We worked to start treating our data as a strategic asset and take full advantage of the opportunities presented by AI. Today, we able to share our transformation journey and approach to support other organisations to build a modern data strategy – Join us for this event to understand how Microsoft does data.

In this webinar, Microsoft's National Technology Officer, Glen Robinson will be discussing three key steps in Microsoft's Data journey:

  • How transitioning to a fully modernised data management framework became a key factor in our overall business transformation.
  • How Microsoft uses a modern data platform to run its business in the modern age.
  • Transforming through AI and Machine Learning.

Webinar 2: Microsoft's UK CDO How to Create a Self-service Data Culture

A data strategy can succeed only if a company has the right data culture. Organisations need to create and nourish a good data culture that helps the workforce to be smart, efficient, and compliant with regulations. 

Promoting skills, encouraging experimentation, and developing common platforms rather than creating multiple silos are all important facets of an open, healthy data culture. While promoting these aspects, it is essential to ensure that data privacy and security labelling is maintained in an end-to-end way, reducing the chance of human error and inappropriate data use. 

A strong data culture goes beyond the remit of the IT department. Organisations need to give their data scientists the powerful tools they need to harness data, while empowering business analysts and users with tools and training to ask the right questions and generate the right outcomes.  

This will help bridge the gap between data science and business users, so everyone has a clear understanding of how to unlock the value of data. Ultimately, organisations should strive to create a self-service data culture. 

In this webinar on Wednesday December 15th at 11:00am, Robin Sutara, Chief Data Officer at Microsoft UK, will present how organisations can create this empowering self-service data culture. Following this, Information Age editor – Nick Ismail – will host a virtual fireside chat, where Robin will discuss: 

  • The current state of data ecosystems 
  • Harnessing the power of data and the challenges 
  • Achieving a healthy, self-service data culture  
  • Bringing everyone on the data journey



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